Welcome to the World of Belgian Beers!

Belgian Beer TradersOur offer features a few hundred types of beer, representing different styles. Bitter, sweet, sour – light, heavy, full, dry and distinct. We want to show that the world of beer is more than just the popular brands manufactured by huge concerns, available at every corner – it also includes excellent craft products from local breweries all over Belgium.

Our goal, business concept and mission is to provide the widest range of Belgian beers to worldwide customers at the best prices. Every day, we strive to gain the position of a global leader in this field. We are a team of brewers, logistics and, above all, people building a strong brand which we can boast about and personally recommend. We care not only about the service and attractive price offer but about its uniqueness as well.

We care about privacy, service quality, prices, we know about successes and failures. Your safety, the security of your data, your comfort and time are the most important for us. We make purchases online ourselves and we know the importance of a guarantee of safety. As far as we are concerned, we can ensure one thing – we care about your security and anonymity as though it was ours!

You already know that. Being familiar with our shop, you already know that our prices are very competitive. Every day, we take care and strive to optimize prices and improve logistics. We work directly with most breweries in Belgium. We come from Belgium, we are ambassadors and we represent our customers in negotiations regarding the best prices and unique offers. For you, we strive to provide the widest range of beers from Belgium and help local brewers appear on the global market on daily basis.

We want and try to offer sincere relationships with our customers. Although we are an online shop, it does not hinder us maintaining relationships with our customers. Our motto is to approach each customer on an individual basis. We will always be happy to share our knowledge and suggestions. However, although it may sound like a rule, our goal is to combine sales in a shop that you personally visit every day with a place online where you will feel the same. We are determined to make our specialized area of work as successful as possible.

Belgian Beer Shop


Whatever beer you’re looking for, you won't overpay.

Our product assortment includes a lot of beers that are inaccessible or hard to find in other shops, and by focusing on a niche area and working directly with breweries and manufacturers we are able to offer a whole range of beers at equally attractive prices.


Our store offers a wide range of Belgian beers from virtually every region of the country.

Among our beers you will find several dozen different types of beer produced by hundreds of different breweries, both popular and more unique ones, with limited editions available only on the local market.


We ship worldwide, so wherever you are, you can get your favourite beer.

We can ship our beer trouble-free to any country in the world. We use reliable courier services to ensure a timely and safe delivery. Delivery times differ depending on the destination and available shipment methods.