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You know that there are 12 months or 365 days in a year – but do you know that Belgium is a country which can offer 500 different types of beer? Does Mort Subite (“sudden death”), Stropken (“noose”) or Verboden Vrucht (“forbidden fruit”) sound interesting? Choose our monthly dose of new knowledge and flavours. Each month, you will receive a unique set of beers which, we hope, will award you with the title of beer expert and gourmet of unique flavours. Each of our shipments contains our selected beers as well as information on how and what to serve them with. If there are more of you, purchase more subscriptions – our shipments contain single beers.

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As they say – any opportunity is good! You don’t have time to find an opportunity and an excuse to try something new? Would you like to make a pleasant surprise for your loved ones? Choose one of our offers. We will select the best beers for you for each season of the year. We send out our proposals 4 times a year – once a season. Each parcel will contain 16 unique beers selected by experts and tasters as well as adapted to your needs. If there are more of you, simply purchase more subscriptions – our shipments contain single beers. One beer for 2 people? No…




You don’t have to remember about special dates, i.e., father’s day, grandfather’s day or Independence Day. Thanks to us, the person you choose will receive his/her personalized shipment for any occasion throughout the entire year containing a unique collection of Belgian beers at a given time. We create gifts for your loved ones with attention to the current time and season. The shipment will have a note attached with handwritten wishes composed in accordance with your guidelines. We will help you to remember the most important moments.